In Krasnoyarsk, have a unique research center for examination of the quality of medicines

Check the authenticity of medicines and the quality of the experts of the center can and pharmacies.


Rabbits are indeed experimental. Before you carry out various manipulations with them, weigh them carefully. There are also white mice, they are checked by the toxicity of drugs. Soon there will be a center of expertise and rats, and guinea pigs.

Leonid NIKOLAENKO: "We try to medication safety did not affect people’s health. All of these studies are carried out on animals in order to prevent people from any side effects "

And here is to study the composition of antibiotics, painkillers and other drugs animals are not required. In analytical laboratory medicine quality check by chemical analysis and special equipment.

Hope Aksamentova: "Everything must be checked for authenticity here, to make sure that there is actually contained — what is the active ingredient and what additional, auxiliary substances, which impurities as the active ingredient in the tablets’

On the technical equipment of the laboratories have spent 600 million rubles from the federal budget. This is the only test center for examination of the quality of medicines in the SFO. There have already explored the 4500 series of medications. Carry out orders, and for individuals, but all treatments are not cheap. Checking the high cost of drugs at least 100 000.

Vladimir BASARGIN: "We have before us the task to carry out state control, the control that the manufacturer produces, and control the quality of the products that fall into a pharmacy or are already in the pharmacy — safe or not. We are responsible for it with his head in front of people in front of the judicial system "

The institution is and rapid laboratory. At a specially equipped vehicle experts go to any pharmacy and test drugs on the spot. In the next year there will check the quality of vaccines, serums and blood products. Now buy special equipment. It is planned that in the future, the center will be able to service the entire country.

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