In Krasnoyarsk, in the Perinatal Center was born the first baby

Catherine Alekhine — mother of the first baby born in a regional perinatal center.


The Department Krasnoyarka brought to 6.00 am and 9.30 am the son was born. When he saw the boy, even the Minister of Health was touched edge.

Vadim Yanin, "4 lbs., 58 cm — hero, cried at once. Honestly, I was overwhelmed with the special feelings "

Today, in fact, the official opening of the Hospital Perinatal Center. Its main task — to reduce infant mortality. It will foster babies born prematurely. Wards for mothers are almost 200.

Alla Balabaeva: "Here my child, here it swaddle mom puts in a mobile bed — she moves, the mother can move it to a convenient location" Victoria is preparing to become a mother in the 2nd time, waiting for my daughter. Says regular hospital and the center — the sky and the earth. All new range of modern equipment.

Victoria Shepovalova: "Until there is not much labor, will soon end our interview. And so — come, give birth, there is class "

In 2007, within the framework of the national project "Health" was started construction of 24 perinatal centers, many more are being built. Krasnoyarsk planning to build in 3 years, and have opened for 2.

Alexei Kleshkov: "We insisted on his project, not on the type, but with plenty of seats and by the needs that exist in the region. And the governor is unable to defend, it is important "

Center cost about 3.5 billion rubles. It is built according to European standards, yet is designed for 2,500 babies a year.

Irina RUMYANTSEV "In the next 2 years the power of the Center plans to significantly increase. In the year there will take 4,000 births. Will be able to come here not only women with complicated pregnancies, but all comers. On paid labor question. With him will be enough to have a birth certificate and the direction of the women’s clinic "

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