In Krasnoyarsk International Festival

Russia celebrates the World Day for the first time the snow. It was founded only in 2012, but is already very popular holiday — themed festivals and competitions are held in more than 30 countries.

Especially in these days of snow and cold weather rejoice in Krasnoyarsk. There’s a festival of "Magical ice of Siberia." Alley of the dozens of pieces of ice is amazing and has become the most popular place in town.


Almost a week on the Yenisei embankment was noise and ringing. To create your own masterpieces sculptors from Russia, Kazakhstan, China and America compared notes, sawing, scraping and even ironed.

What’s good for the Chinese to Russian doubtful. The creative duo residents of Magadan and Barnaul, who won on a similar festival in Khabarovsk in the past year to include irons were lukewarm. For the same purpose artists prefer just a little heated on a hot plate special aluminum blade. After a gentle polishing the ice is more transparent.

In the ice art pieces cut out parts of the small blocks and glued with plain water. Do artists from neighboring areas is another problem. Choose a pre-arranged a huge cube of compressed snow. And to cut off all unnecessary.

American Stacy and Pat are the only non-professionals. One — Officer of road works, the other — just retired. For both a form of art for several years now seasonal hobby. Living in Alaska, and therefore to the Siberian snows, and to the Siberian frost completely adapted.

For everything authors have given no more than four days. Therefore had to work sixteen hours a day. Result evaluated primarily residents of the city. During the creative process these days they watched from afar. Were able to get close only after the final completion of the works.

On the eve of the opening of the festival organizers decided to enclose all the figures bars. This, of course, a little spoiling the experience. But some works are so delicate and look so fragile that seem to touch the hand of all this beauty and crumble fragments "

This Krasnoyarsk most have never seen. Alley of three dozen of snow and ice sculptures in the first hours attracted thousands of spectators. Many people saw it, they wanted to winter weather kept longer. Inspired by the success the organizers have decided: the festival will be held annually from now on.

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