In Krasnoyarsk, open plant electricity smart meters

March 2, the company "Smart metering system" started production at the plant instrumentation, which became the largest in the Urals enterprise specializing in the production of "smart" electricity meters in technology-based Smart Metering. At the opening ceremony was attended by Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Lev Kuznetsov.



Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor inspected the production line of the new plant and examined the manufacturing technology of meters. Head of the region were interested in the possibility of "smart" meters, the production capacity of the plant, as well as the wages of staff and profitability.

As the CEO of the Krasnoyarsk regional energy company Basil Kuzichev (the company is the owner of OOO "MIS"), the company has the exclusive right to manufacture and sale of meters under license from the European leader in the development of smart grids — the company Sagemcom. The plant will employ more than a hundred people, and the possibilities of the new enterprise will produce up to 300,000 smart meters a year.


"With such opportunities ROI production may occur within one and a half years, — said Vasily Kuzichev. — Production of the plant is already interested in the regional and federal governments, municipal leaders, as well as marketing and management companies. "


Enterprise plans are based on the possibilities of technology Smart Metering, which are produced by the counters. It allows you to remotely read, use the multi-tariff, and allows subscribers to control modes of consumption. Among the advantages of "smart" metering developers call their ability to smoothly transmit the data via power transmission lines, resistance to outside interference by intruders, as well as an opportunity to unite into a single "smart" network (Smart Grid). This feature will allow the subscriber to plan and control energy consumption at once complex: electricity, heat, gas, hot and cold water.

Smart PU components are made from the French, but in the near future the company plans to move to the use of enclosures, manufactured in Russia.

According to the governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Lev Kuznetsov, the opening of the new production is important in that it creates new jobs and increases the tax potential of the region. "It’s great that we are talking about the intellectual production — said Lev Kuznetsov. — Today, especially in Siberia, one of the priorities is the issue of energy efficiency and cost control, so the creation of such production can solve this problem. "

The plant instrumentation created in cooperation, "the Russian Energy Agency" (CEA) Ministry of Energy, Government of Krasnoyarsk Territory and the French company Sagemcom Energy & Telecom (Sagemcom), signed a tripartite memorandum on the establishment of the region’s innovative new production in the transfer of foreign technology.

The decision to establish local production in Krasnoyarsk, smart meters, demand both in Russia and abroad, was based on the positive experience of the regional authorities with foreign manufacturers. In December 2010, the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, FSI "CEA" Sagemcom and the company signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of energy efficiency. As part of the agreements in the networks of the Krasnoyarsk regional energy company in the city of Krasnoyarsk Territory Kansk successfully implemented a pilot project for the implementation of automated accounting systems from different manufacturers.

As part of the pilot area, where in addition to the French development of the system were tested production accounting Slovenia, South Korea and Russia, have demonstrated the best qualities of the brand counters Sagemcom. According to expert advice, they were superior to the competition in quality transmission technology, information processing speed, and are easy start-up components and functionality of the software.

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