In Krasnoyarsk open primary territorial Vascular Center


In Krasnoyarsk, for patients with vascular disease on the basis of the City Clinical Hospital № 20 is open primary territorial vascular center with hospitalized patients with acute neurological symptoms and acute cardiovascular disorders.

In 2011, the province will create 2 more primary vascular center at City Clinical Hospital № 6 and on the basis of Achinskoy central hospital.

To date, the province operate a regional vascular center (on the basis of the Regional Clinical Hospital) and 3 primary vascular center: Norilsk, Minusinsky and the city hospital number 20 of Krasnoyarsk.
By the end of the year in the inter-regional centers (Achinsk, Minusinsk, Kansk, Lesosibirsk) and large municipalities (Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk, Zelenogorsk Zheleznogorsk) appears 13 consultative and diagnostic rooms, equipped with special methods of functional diagnosis of cardiovascular, neurological functions, and laboratory diagnosis .

At the center of all hospitalized held computer examination of the brain. In the year of a computer tomograph There are about 6,500 studies, of which 4.5 thousand — in patients with neurological symptoms.

Carrying out computer research helps to reliable differential diagnosis of the type of stroke (ischemic or hemorrhagic) and define the guiding further treatment, use: thrombolytic therapy, which allows a person to avoid subsequent disability or neurosurgical intervention.

"Patients who have taken emergently with suspected stroke, examined by a team of neurologists. For the diagnosis of each patient receives the necessary diagnostic study — CT scan, "- said the chief physician of the city Oksana Sokolova.

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