In Krasnoyarsk, opened a new furniture factory

April 22 in Krasnoyarsk was inaugurated a second factory furniture company "Mekran" worth five billion rubles.

The total area of the factory is 40 thousand square meters. m with a maximum production capacity of 13 500 m3 of finished products per year. It is assumed that the factory will be one of the largest full-cycle production of deep processing of timber in Russia.

 The second factory of "Mekran", built on the street in the area of border guards KrAZ will manufacture custom-made furniture in the segments of premium and business class. Products are mainly manufactured in Krasnoyarsk, will ship in the world hotel chains with the level of standard of three stars and above.

"In the factory we want to organize the production, which will be very responsive to all the needs of our customers. Our factory is unique in that when we go to full production, we can equip the furniture around five hotels in the month and produce for our retailers about thousands of orders ", — said CEO Alexei Metelkin. Thus, the complex distribution of furniture manufacturer will work in two ways: its own premium retail and contract delivery to global hotel chains. The "MEKRAN" has already established cooperation with several global operators such as Starwood, Rezidor, Radisson. The company will also equipped with furniture in Krasnoyarsk first hotel under the global brand Hilton. Metelkin adds that in talks with U.S. counterparts are making furniture projects for 20 European


Now the new plant employs about 600 people. By the time of the full completion of the project involves the production of 1,600 workers. "Every week we take the people in our various departments. This is a direct effect of the location of our production in the capital region. However, residents of the region have to take into consideration the indirect effect: we have a lot of partners, contractors and suppliers, which also increase jobs, "- said General Director Alexei Metelkin.

The Chairman of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Krai Victor Tomenko, who was present at the opening of the factory, said that the plant "Mekran" was able to expand production in Krasnoyarsk through public-private partnerships. The project is a new plant has been included in the priority investment projects in the area of forest.

"The government has helped the company to the edge of ensuring forest base, solved issues with providing energy and infrastructure. , A joint operation by training "- Tomenko noted, adding that" the wood processing is one of the priorities of the timber industry in the region, as an example of "Mekran" is perhaps the most dramatic to date. "

Reach full production capacity of the second plant "MEKRAN" is expected within 2.5 years. By the end of 2013 will be released on the second factory production of 800 cubic meters of product per month by December 2014 factory production reached 1,250 cubic meters of finished products per month. Net profit ready for this period will be 8 billion. Note that the first factory "MEKRAN" in Krasnoyarsk was also reconstructed with the cost of 1 billion rubles. According to the expectations of its annual revenue will reach 2 billion.

With regard to tax deductions, then today they are not great. At the end of 2012 budget Krasnoyarsk enlarged by 250 million rubles of taxes. At full production capacity owners promise to increase taxes to 1 billion rubles.

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