In Krasnoyarsk school found the cabin of the IL-62

In Krasnoyarsk school district number 149 sovetstkih opened only after the repair of the province Aviation Museum. February 20, the opening day, the museum presented a new exhibit — the cockpit of the IL-62.

According to the director, "KATEKAVIA" Alexander Zosimova, donated to the museum equipment cabin, "IL-62 has been a favorite Soviet jetliner. This is the first Russian aircraft designed not for war and for civil aviation. Those in Krasnoyarsk was only 12. "

The museum’s director, Svetlana Sokolova believes the emergence of such a significant exhibit "a miracle": a long time in the cabin exploded stored in boxes. Thanks to the leadership of the airport "Emelyanovo" and in particular the engineer Vladimir Leimane and Victor Shustitskomu year and a half cab with all its minutest details was mounted in a room of about 20 square meters. meters.

In honor of the director general of the airport "Emelyanovo" Oleg Shpagin presented gifts to the museum aircraft — two flight recorders.

Note the Krasnoyarsk Territory Air Museum was established in 2002 in Krasnoyarsk school number 149. The school building is located on the territory of the former airport "Krasnoyarsk-North." Among the exhibits — the layout of the runway, which during World War II airplanes landed, flying around the track Alaska-Siberia, parts of equipment Tu-134, Yak-40, Il-62, letters from the front, more than 300 pilots and biographies more.

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