In Krasnoyarsk Ski Track of Russia was attended by more than 5,000 residents

In Krasnoyarsk "Ski Track of Russia", which was held on Saturday, February 11, was attended by over 5000 citizens. Sports Day this year was held in support of the Krasnoyarsk as a candidate city to host Universiade-2019.

Sporting event was called "Good choice!". Krasnoyarsk and guests were presented to winter sports, which can enter into the program of the World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. In addition to those species which are already mandatory in the program of the upcoming Student Games could potentially get freestyle skiing, Nordic combined, winter orienteering, hockey, north-round, winter triathlon, jumping ski jumping, speed skating and ledoskalolazanie. Festival participants were given the opportunity to make their choice in favor of their favorite sport.

The sports festival was attended by over five thousand citizens. At the mass start ski race along with the townspeople came out world-class athlete in swimming, a member of the Olympic Games in Athens and Sydney Alex Kovrigin, honored master of sports of bobsled, a member of the Olympic Games in Turin and Vancouver Roman Oreshnikov.

According to tradition, in the opening ceremony of the awarding of winners in the nominations for his contribution to the development of mass physical culture movement of the city. Thus, the gifts were handed to representatives of the older generation, including veteran skiing permanent participant of the competition "Start all", the teacher of natural science, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Gregory Zolotukhin, which this year celebrates its 90th anniversary. Also presents marked Krasnoyarsk, who won gold medals in the past at the end of January in Jurmala World Swimming Championships in cold water, and the heads of sports federations recognized as the best in 2011.

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