In Krasnoyarsk, the construction of Marriott hotels

The construction of the first five-star hotel in Krasnoyarsk recently launched an international hotel company «Marriott International». According, online facility, the work which relates to the zero cycle.




According to experts, the amount of investment required for the project to build Marriott hotel in Krasnoyarsk, is estimated at three and a half billion. Expected life of the facility will be two years. According to the original plan, Krasnoyarsk Marriott hotel brand will be a building whose height exceeds twenty floors. The hotel offers accommodation will total nearly 216-minute suites. Much of the infrastructure of the hotel located on seven floors underground.

The company «Marriott International» about plans to build a five-star hotel in Krasnoyarsk reported in the spring of this year. The leading hotel operator will implement this hotel project jointly with the Krasnoyarsk public company "Fortress hotel." At this point in Krasnoyarsk run three-star hotels. Also, the city is built "Hilton" with 330 rooms. Commissioning of the hotel «Hilton» Krasnoyarsk is scheduled for December this year. However, experts say the tourism industry in Krasnoyarsk, a city that every year comes a growing number of guests. Krasnoyarsk is the regional center, in this connection, the city hotels are in demand by business travelers. Everything else, in Krasnoyarsk, now there is an active development of tourism. With the increase in demand for hotel facilities the city needs new high-class hotels.



Recall that the hotel chain «Marriott International» is widely known around the world. The network includes about three thousand seven hundred hotel properties that are located in 73 countries around the world. Total number of rooms of hotels, which are managed by Marriott, is about five hundred thousand rooms. Corporations "Marriott" owns eighteen brands, among which the number of such well-known brands as The Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard, «Renaissance Hotels» and many others. Marriott Hotels brands rather successfully operating on the Russian market. In Moscow, the first hotel

Marriott appeared in 1997.

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