In Krasnoyarsk, the new modern nursery

September 20, Krasnoyarsk has opened a new children’s garden on the street. Pushkin, 11.


275 children aged 2 to 7 years started going to a new kindergarten number 10 in the Railway area. Construction of a three-story brick-monolithic building began in 2008. Area of the facility is 9,700 square meters, which corresponds to modern standards (at least 30 square feet per child). The total price of the construction and equipping of the facility was 261 million rubles.

This year, the city, except for a new kindergarten on the street. Pushkin, will open 5 more childcare facilities: two in the Kirov region, two in the Sverdlovsk and one — in the Soviet, only 430 seats.
In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the program "The development of pre-school educational institutions", except for reconstruction and capital repairs of existing gardens, planning to build another 45 kindergartens (in 2012-2015).

At the same square meter of the kindergarten in the city cost 27,000 rubles, which is significantly lower than the market price per square meter of ordinary residential apartments in Krasnoyarsk. The price includes the construction, purchase of equipment and furniture, as well as landscaping.


"Today we have a special, bright day — welcomed the audience Uss. — Even not dare to call this beautiful kindergarten dry the words "social object." This is a real palace childhood. All that is being built in the Railway area, especially in Nikolaevka must be the best. At the very least, we will strive for this. I want to sincerely congratulate all of today’s holiday. First of all, we must thank the builders: despite all the difficulties that have been, we still come to the finish line. Thanks go to the parents for their patience and support. I am sure that in such a kindergarten atmosphere will be very special — the good and happy. Let us wish the kids a that here they have found a second home. And let the main criterion of the team will be the desire of kindergarten kids happy to come here every morning. Good luck — and good luck! "


According to Shevchenko, "due to the fact that the merged legislative and executive power edge of the city and the region, we have this wonderful children’s palace. Over the past three years, this is the third new kindergarten, which is being installed in Krasnoyarsk. In October, we expect to begin construction of two kindergartens in the districts of North and Airport. This is only the beginning. We have a tentative agreement with the Federation and the Government of the Territory over the fact that the number of nursery schools being built in the near future in Krasnoyarsk increased to ten. "


Project kindergarten number 10 was designed on the model of the kindergarten on the street. Vodopiyanov, built in 2009, but has been improved. For example, instead of the atrium in the new building was erected conical roof, is more suitable for the climatic conditions of Siberia.

In addition to 14 group rooms for recreation and brats provided music and fitness room, art studio, a swimming pool, a winter garden. The building is equipped with a medical unit, which will operate the doctor and nurse, as well as subspecialists: speech therapist, dentist, teacher and psychologist.

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