In Krivoy Rog launched a new water purification system

— As part of an extensive renovation of water treatment systems for complex Karachunovskom tap now works the most important component — a modern three-stage water purification system and preaeratsii intake bucket. These systems will bring the level of purification of water supplied to more than 250,000 residents of Krivoy Rog and the surrounding rural areas, up to the high standards and standards, — said Alexander Vilkul.

In 2010, the complex was piped Karachunovskom implemented the first phase of the current systems reuse of wash water. Its cost 10 million hryvnia. The result was put into operation a modern pumping station, which allowed stop the discharge into the river Ingulets water that was used to wash the filter (which is almost a million cubic meters of wastewater per year). In addition, the modern equipment at the pumping station saves nearly 50% of the volume of electricity consumed (per diem savings is 1,600 kW).

In 2011, followed by a second phase of reconstruction in the framework of this project. Its cost is more than 16.5 million hryvnia. It provides for the introduction of technology microfiltration water — sediment removal to transfer to a special (coagulation) treatment — removal of turbidity, color, organic and inorganic substances. Then the water will be directed to the treatment plant Karachunovskogo plumbing complex, and silt deposits — in a special (cavitation) pumping station, where it will be drained, and the dry residue collected for further use in the production of asphalt mix. Therefore, the second step was carried out large-scale reconstruction of existing and construction of new facilities Reagent Company.

In particular, the construction of the station and dosing of activated carbon, the building of systems for preamonizatsii water, reconstruction capacity for decision-coagulant and pumping system in the dosing tank, the reconstruction of the coagulant dosing and transport, reconstruction of chlorine water pipeline, the construction of a system for the preparation and dosing of flocculant, reconstruction Reagent building, installation of automated instrumentation. In the second phase of work at the facility has modern equipment, using energy-saving technologies. Control of the whole technological cycle provided automated control system (ACS).

In 2011, the Karachunovskom tap complex project on "Three-step purification of drinking water." According to the project built a new section of the pipeline length of 194 meters for the return water that has passed the first stage of the process for the 2nd, and from there to the third level of treatment. The cost of the project — 3.2 million hryvnia.

An important part of the modernization of the water supply treatment plant Karachunovskogo complex is the introduction of preaeratsii intake bucket. It involves aerators under water at a depth of 12 meters for oxygen and water cycle in the bucket of water intake.

At present, work on the project to be fully implemented. Concreted area to the right of the pier and the equipment is installed under the KTP (complete transformer substation) for the control cabinet preaeratsieyu, done laying cables and installed two aerators AQ-3 ASPIRO PLUS Aerator at intake bucket block number 2.

Preaeratsii implementation of the system will improve the quality of water flowing into the intake system Karachunovskogo plumbing complex by increasing it dissolved oxygen before the water intake. This will reduce the acidity of the water, odors and color of water from the summer algal blooms.

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