In Krivoy Rog opened the ice rink and Ukraine’s first 3D gallery

December 19, the Day of St. Nicholas, in Krivoy Rog the grand opening of two objects: the Ice Arena, which has become the second in the Dnipropetrovsk region and Ukraine’s first 3D photo gallery Regional History Museum of Krivoy Rog.



The cost of the ice arena in Krivoy Rog — 40 million USD, of which 30 million USD funded from the state budget

The ice arena was built as part of the national project "Hockey Ukraine" on the initiative of Alexander Vilkul and with the support of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych


Krivoy Rog area of new ice complex is 2800 square meters (70×40 m), the size of the ice field — 60h30m

Before the advent of the ice arena only Krivorozhskaya hockey team was forced to train on a private rink in the mall

"The new Ice Complex will bring the future stars who later became famous not only in the Dnipropetrovsk region and Ukraine, but also in the world" — said the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, Alexander Vilkul

Performance of children’s theater, ballet on ice "Crystal"

From 1 January 2013 at the ice arena will be open, the figure skating and ice hockey department at School № 1

"Under the world’s largest flower clock …

…built a unique, Ukraine’s first 3D-gallery.

It will be shown films and videos about the history of Krivbass, Ukraine and the enterprises of Krivoy Rog. Gallery is a branch museum of local history, and since Monday residents and visitors will be able to come here for a free tour " — said in his speech, Alexander Vilkul.

 In an interactive museum equipped with modern multimedia equipment, with which the huge screens placed around the perimeter of the pavilion will be designed as a movie in the format of 3D, and in its original format. 3D format provides maximum volumetric image reconstruction and makes the audience "presence effect". Because of this the audience will feel participants in the events occurring on the screen

The total area of 282 sq m gallery …

It is equipped with the 7th dvuhproektornymi 3D-systems, 7 screens, one — a 12-meter panoramic screen, 3 large-format projectors and 3D TVs

On the big screen to residents and visitors of Krivoy Rog will show videos about the history and development of the city

3D glasses for viewing presentations

"We will launch another creative project — a virtual art gallery. On the screens will be screened canvases of the great Ukrainian artists of the second half of the twentieth century. Krivoy Rog and in particular the artists whose paintings are in the collections of local history museum," — said the museum’s director, Irina Zinoviev.

Create a gallery funded Krivorozhsko GOKami city-based social partnership program with companies in the city

Photo: Artem Lysenko

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