In Kursk, after repairs to open the bridge over the River Seim

In Kursk, completed the repair work on the bridge Seyms. The movement is blocked in June, after the passage of heat subsided over a concrete slab and asphalt. All the while there was a repair, kuryanam had to stand for hours in a mile-long traffic jams. Now the bridge is open.

At City Hall Kursk told that especially for this bridge fabricated concrete slabs to replace their dilapidated ceiling. Builders have restored the damaged areas of reinforced concrete structures and superstructures made waterproofing, laid new asphalt so that the melted snow and rain water quickly went from the roadway.

As reported in the administration of the city, in the process of repair of the bridge showed defects in its construction, now they are all eliminated. The cost of repair of the bridge were 16.3 million rubles.

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