In Kursk opened interdisciplinary nanotechnology center


In Kursk started interdisciplinary nanotechnology center. Already there are 2 unique microscope is the 1st scientific results.

Visitors nanocenter meets an unusual exhibition. Meet this staphylococci on the bark of a tree, and then captured nanofotohudozhniki tin on carbon. Spherical shape surprised by its beauty even scientists. The increase to 100 thousand times possible with the help of special equipment, which boasts not every Russian region. Unique scanning electron microscope. The resolution is 1 nanometer. This allows you to conduct research in the field of micro-and nano-electronics, chemistry, physics and biology. Microscopes will use the staff of the research center of the Ministry of Defence, agricultural scientists and physicians.

Researcher interdisciplinary nanotechnology center Nikita Emelyanov: "This microscope is one of the few in its class and enables you to work with biological samples by using a special mode of the natural environment. In particular, work by our biologists to study cell-cell membrane because the membrane — this is a very important component of the cell, and its modes of operation allow us to investigate how the cell resistant to one or another virus and, therefore, predict work on any specific drugs " .

Now young scientists study the structure and properties of aluminum oxide. Nanomaterials of this metal will greatly increase the strength of composite products, while reducing their weight. In the 2nd lab work scanning probe microscope. He, like all downtown, purchased with funds of the Ministry of Education of Russia. The project cost 68 million rubles.

Vice-Rector of KSU Vitaly Kudinov: "Instrument base, that is, those microscopes, which are installed, allows the study is sufficient precision and, therefore, to analyze, to synthesize new materials, new matter."

Technical equipment nanocenter continue. In the near future there will be laboratory transmission electron microscopy. It even allows you to see the crystal lattice substances.

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