In Lebedyan Lipetsk region opened Vascular Center

  • Opening Vascular Center in Lebedyan Lipetsk region.

Opening in Lebedyanskaya CRH vascular center with cardiac and neurological department was not only a good gift Lebedyantsev to the Day of the city and region, but also an enjoyable event for people across the south-western part of the region. According to statistics, cardiovascular disease in the area continue to play a leading role in the structure of morbidity and affect the quality of people’s lives. A myocardial infarction, stroke, continues to remain one of the main causes of death, including the workforce.

The emergence of Lebedyan vascular center, armed with high technologies and equipped with modern facilities, the latest step in the development of regional health services. Lebedyanskiy district, where over the past few years has been spent on medicine tens of millions of rubles from the budget, go for the modernization of health care is one of the leading places, constantly improving the level of diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Vascular Center, which includes cardiology and neurology department, calculated, a total of 60 beds, and has become another one of the main projects of the district administration, implemented in the framework of the regional health development programs. Soon will attach to the complex physiotherapy department. Specialized doctors will operate, to treat acute cardiovascular diseases of the heart and brain of hundreds of people living in Lebedyansky and four neighboring districts. For the center has already trained 14 doctors, seven more specialized professionals will join the team this year. In addition, we strive to attract doctors from other regions, which highlighted three apartments.

Special pride medical center is the CT scanner "Sakura", worth 15 million rubles. "Tomography, ultrasound scanners — the expert class and mobile, monitoring equipment installed in all intensive care units, bedside monitors, rehabilitation equipment and other equipment center, was a great help for our practitioners, — said the head physician Lebedyanskaya CRH Victor Baranov. Savings in bidding for major repairs and plumbing fixtures center is 10 million rubles municipal funds will be used to purchase additional equipment for the center. "

Took part in the opening ceremony of the center of vascular surgery Deputy Governor Sergei Salogubov, the first deputy head of the regional Department of Health Tatiana Shmetkova, Chapter Lebediansky District Anatoly Kopylov, director of "Stroymash" Roldugin Alexander, head of the neurosurgical department of the Voronezh Burdenko hospital, medical colonel Alexander Logunov noted that the commissioning of the art health center will maintain and improve their health a huge number of patients who previously had no opportunity for effective prevention and treatment, and at the same time a positive impact on the dynamic development of our territories.

Lebedyanskaya CRH is the fourth primary focus in the area (together with the Regional Clinical Hospital, Lipetsk and CCH Hospital. Semashko Yelets), providing quality medical care to patients with acute ischemic attack and stroke. Moreover, patients from other areas come in Lebedyanskiy center, a phone consultation with a cardiologist on duty, that is, without visiting the district hospital, directly through the paramedic who examined the patient’s place of residence.

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