In Lipetsk, after conversion opened a kindergarten for 165 places

Opening of the pre-school was held in Lipetsk on October 9 in the village of Traktorostroiteley outside Ibárruri. Kindergarten number 35 was launched after a major renovation, which cost 64 million rubles. Previously located here Branch High School, and then it was decided to convert the building under the POC to 8 groups for 165 children. In this case, the two groups will be for the little ones, and the rest — for children from three to seven years.

Still there were only walls. Completely replaced by the utilities, roof, window frames, interior partitions. Insulated and finished with siding facade. Modern play equipment is equipped with a gym, hardwood floors shining hall music. There are cabinets Speech therapist and an art studio.

In the nutrition unit installed new equipment in all eight groups arranged comfortable children‘s furniture, landscaped neighborhood. In addition to recreational areas in the yard is sporting a polyurethane coating.

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