In Lipetsk opened a new clinic


In the regional center has a new, eighth in a row, clinic. It was established on the basis of the city hospital number 4, which was not popular with lipchan. Today it is a modern medical facility with a day hospital with 30 beds.

Polyclinic number 8 is located in the plant "Centrolit" and is designed for the planned 100,000 visits a year. Also, it will be attached about 17,000 patients. In the coming year, a major renovation and is waiting for the clinic in the neighborhood "Falcon". At the current level will be raised and the neurosurgical department at the hospital, "Lipetskmed." 


By the end of 2012, according to the chairman of the Department of Health, is scheduled to complete computerization of the clinics in the city, after which each doctor will workstation. Thus all the information about vaccinations, diseases and diagnoses the patient will go to the computer doctor.

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