In Lipetsk region is open elevator capacity of 70 thousand tons

The company has been building for years, there is the prospect of expanding to 140 thousand tons.

Starting elevator at full capacity in the region called the head of an important event not only for Dankovo farmers, but also for the agriculture of the region as a whole.
"Capacity for storing grain we have always lacked — said Oleg Korolev. — Last year, we began to implement an ambitious program to build new silos, with the expectation of getting the grain harvest in two and a half — three million tons. A year later, the program will be accomplished ".

The head of the executive power of the region emphasized that farmers Lipetsk, Russia as a whole, in the next 15 years will face an even more difficult task of repeated increase in food production. "In a world of growing demand for food, so the agro inevitably come a great investment. Everyone who decides to do today agribusiness to invest in this business your mind and heart will be able to count on success, "- he said.

Oleg Korolev, together with the heads of the district and inspected the company and visited the lab avtopriemnike, which received grain from the new harvest. The complex is equipped with facilities of CHIFF (USA). The elevator is a diversified enterprise, where all production processes are automated and computerized, to meet modern requirements for acceptance, part-industrial processing of grain. It is open 50 jobs.

On the same day, in the central square Dankova was unveiled monument to participants of local wars.

In military conflicts of the second half of the XX century was attended by over 300 residents, noted at the rally. 19 dankovchan for courage and heroism of the state awards, 10 were injured, seven young men were killed. The monument, which is a figure of paratroopers, created by means of regional businesses and organizations, donations dankovchan. "Patriotism, conscience and honor, since ancient times been characterized by area residents. Our ancestors made famous for his exploits Dankovo ground, not dropped this glory and our contemporaries, "- said the head of the field at the rally. All participants of the meeting observed a minute of silence in memory of the dead, they laid wreaths and flowers.

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