In Lipetsk region launched the first phase of the plant Hawle Industriewerke

November 16
Plant Hawle Industriewerke Austrian company manufactures equipment for water supply, today was commissioned his first turn.

Now shops of the plant will employ 60 specialists — so much has been created jobs for the first stage. It is planned in two years and the construction of the second stage — it will cost 1.3 billion rubles.

The plant will be put in production of cast products for their own use, and for supplies outside of the region. Also planning and construction of a modern training center.

According to the press service of the administration of the Lipetsk region, investment in the construction of the plant by the Austrian company Hawle Industriewerke in the special economic zone of regional / SEZ / exceeded 520 million rubles. This figure was the largest in the history of the Austrian company.

— The new company will fundamentally solve the issue of water quality, and hence the quality of life of people, — said Oleg Korolev. — Production of "Havle Industriverke" demanded in the Lipetsk region, where as part of the upgrade begins reconstruction of the entire global network economy.

The company’s plants "Havle" (it was created in 1948) are located, in addition to Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic. The company is a leading European manufacturer of heavy equipment for cold water.

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