In Lipetsk region MIA professional training center opens

Today is the grand opening of the renovated training center of the MOI of Russia in the Lipetsk region. Here are the initial training of police officers in the region. The police of the districts during live training at the Center. Previously, the conditions in which they lived and trained listeners were, to put it mildly, not quite comfortable with it, with the building of ZPP were repaired.

— For police officers, who are here the initial training, we tried to create the most comfortable conditions. After all, employees, aimed at training center are just beginning their service, and the conditions of their education largely depends on the formation of skills that will be useful in the future, and further related to their work. Today, we must do everything to nurture a new generation of competent and loyal to their duty staff of professionals, police officers twenty-first century — said the head of the Interior Ministry in the Lipetsk region Police Major General Yuri Dekasov.

In support of these words, Yuri Dekasov together with heads of departments of the Interior and the public were in the building, personally evaluating the transformation of the center: the renovated dining room, cabinets, stairs, corridors. After a major overhaul with new fresh colors shone sports hall, where there was special equipment, including mat for martial arts, and has already started the competition in volleyball.

Pleased and a room in which the police will now reside. Everything has been designed for your comfort: beds, tables, cabinets, refrigerators — now listeners have everything necessary for life


— Previously, we could only dream of such — the chairman of the Board of Veterans Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Lipetsk region in the past — the director of the Center Igor Yaichkin professional training — thanks to a passion and creative activity of the current head of the Office of Internal Affairs of Russia, Lipetsk Oblast Yuri Dekasova, the dream became a reality. Now the younger generation of officers will be brought up in the tradition of the professional schools, and the conditions of their training can count on a higher level of professional training of future police reserve.

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