In Lipetsk region opened a new plant for the production of LLC Promizdeliya steel pipes

September 20 inaugurated Steel Pipe Co., Ltd shop "Promizdeliya" in the Lipetsk region. The new production for the production of tubular products equipped with modern efficient equipment, which allows to manufacture products in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international standards.

In the year there will produce up to 50 thousand tons of finished products. The raw material is hot-rolled steel production of JSC "NLMK" control of all nodes on the equipment line is the company SIEMENS. There are now 35 jobs, and in early 2014, with the transition to three shifts, will employ 75 people. In the creation of new production has been invested 250 million rubles.

Commissioning of the new plant can fully meet the needs of builders in Lipetsk, steel structures, strengthens the economic potential of the region. In Lipetsk region manufacturing rectangular pipes utilized for the first time, still bought them in other parts of Russia.

Steel welded pipes complement the wide range of building designs, produced at the plant. In the five years since the opening of the plant sandwich panels are utilized several new products, opened additional production units. The company is developing rapidly.


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