In Lipetsk region opened Intermunicipal obstetric and gynecological center

January 28 based on GOOSE "Dankovskaya CRH" renovated opened Intermunicipal obstetric and gynecological center that will take residents Dankovsky, Leo — Tolstoy, Lebediansky and Krasninsky areas.

Modernization program to overhaul health care facility has been allocated 35 million rubles. Thanks to bailouts from the old building were alone bearing walls: everything else is fully repaired and replaced. The center is equipped with modern equipment, the purchase of which spent 10 million rubles.

There are modern ultrasound machines, monitors, respiratory equipment, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, and more. In the center of a highly trained staff with the highest and the first qualifying category. After repairs are all necessary conditions for women and their children, and their first patient center is ready to take today.

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