In Lipetsk region opened plant drip irrigation

December 18 Chaplyginsky district of Lipetsk region opened a plant for the production of components for drip irrigation.

Sino-Russian Joint-Stock Company "New Century agricultural technologies" became a participant of the special economic zone of regional industrial type "Chaplyginskaya." This plant in Chaplyginskaya economic zone was fifth.

While there will employ about 30 people, all locals. By 2015, when the launch of another line, employees will be doubled. In Chaplyginskaya Chinese production has already invested 151 million rubles. Now it will produce 45 km drip irrigation system per hour.

The use of such technologies in the fields must be in the 10% increase yields and reduce the time for half a month of ripening vegetables. In Lipetsk region irrigation systems of the new generation are planning to try out this summer in the beet fields. Chaplygina of irrigation systems disperse throughout Russia. It is planned to close 40% of the market in the country, plus exports abroad.

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