In Lisva (Perm region) opened meat processing plant

Kneader Mixer and apparatus for making ravioli and meatballs, saw, grinder, freezer — all these wonders of modern technology in the last week have earned a meat processing plant, organized by the self-employed from the village of Hope FEDOSSEYEVA Deer Lysvenskiy urban district.

Opening of the meat processing plant was made possible thanks to the program "Development of Agriculture in Lysvenskiy municipal area." FEDOSSEYEVA joined it in 2011, won the competition for investment and have received grants from the province and the region. The total cost of the project — more than five million rubles.

Project other than the production of meat products, provides for the establishment of slaughter house. Now there’s slaughterhouses, so before the rural population is an issue: where to hand over their animals? 

Dumplings different configurations, meatballs, stuffed cabbage, beef, soup sets — all that yummy village will soon appear on the shelves of the city. It remains only to pass the necessary certification of products, while also evaluate local meat products may only residents of Deer.

In connection with the opening of new businesses in the village of 3 new jobs. At the point of processing work not only olenevtsy, but also urban professionals, in particular, engineer with the former meat-packing plant. But this is not the limit: if the sales of products to be good entrepreneur plans to expand, which means he will need shots. A few more vacancies will be displayed when the item will earn slaughter.

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