In Luninsky Issinsky areas and open up the business with the support of employment centers

Entrepreneurs from Luninsky and Issinsky districts have found ways to meet the needs of the people, to employ the unemployed and make a profit. His work opened with the support of employment center.



Hot bread, fragrant cakes, rolls, pies with various fillings, sweet buns, cakes, cookies and cupcakes — the range of private enterprise "Spring" is always surprising even regular customers. Products are in great demand throughout the district. Fresh pastries come to the stores nearby villages and Penza. Creating a cooperative has helped people find work. "I went to Penza 4 years, very hard, but the pay is, of course, there’s a little more. Now just beginning, just a big salary no one will do, but I think that gradually there will be more, "- said the baker, LLC" Spring "Svetlana Chernova.

It all started with the enthusiasm and the current director of the initial capital employment center. Thanks to state support of Dmitry Kargina had my own mini-bakery and equipment. To educate people, he invites monthly technologists from Penza. The plans — to expand the business. "I will buy a gas oven, reducing energy costs, because this fuel is expensive. Thus, I will increase the volume and quality of production ", — said the director of" Spring "Dmitry Kargin.

To carry out long-held dream — to create a business — and succeeded Michael Salikova. After working for 20 years as a dental technician in Luninsky hospital, he with employment center opened "Dentistry". Purchased the necessary equipment, hired experts. Now, every day at the reception to a local clinic recorded dozens of people. To reduce the waiting, Michael Salikov planning a hired another doctor, and in the near future to open a branch in the village of Great Vyas. "I have all spun, twirled, there were people. Then he stood at 58 thousand 800 rubles. for every job created in the already Ltd. "Dentistry", — said the director of "Dentistry", a dental technician Michael Salikov.

"Now here, first, comfortable, close, and secondly, the staff here is very good. I am satisfied with everything here, "- admitted resident rp Lunino Nicholas Shumilin.

Currently, the program of self-employment in the area Luninsky created 90 small businesses. Were able to find a job around 200 unemployed. "We send the unemployed in public works co-operative. There is a co-financing on the part of employers, and from us — financial support ", — said the director of the Employment State Organization Luninsky district Lyudmila Moskvina.

In the creation of the "animal kingdom" was attended by five unemployed people, including — and the Denis family. For 5 months 25 breeding rabbits imported from Ryazan, brought a rich offspring. Now the farm — about 600 individuals. Despite all the difficulties of such a business was quite profitable. "We need to deal with them every day. This case is very exciting, because rabbits — animals rapidly growing, rapidly bringing offspring "- said a member of the cooperative" Penza Rabbit "Vladimir Denisov.

Pasties, dumplings, cabbage rolls, meatballs, kebabs. Semi-finished products of private enterprise, "Anokhin" are known in almost all parts of the region. In the month here produce about 3 tons. In 2011, revenues amounted to more than 3 million rubles. It employs 19 people, many of them could not find a job in his native village for more than 10 years. "I, for example, a son. I have to help him, the second son, too. Where the salary? We all here have closed. This is the good work ", — said the cook, LLC" Anokhin, "Tatiana Trimaskina.

"We have finished the cycle, there is a land of 200 hectares. Piglets available — 60 goals. We bought the car for transportation of semi-finished products for 350 thousand rubles., Refrigeration equipment, "- said the director of" Anokhin, "Alexander Anokhin.

Corporate parties, anniversaries and school parties. Now the residents of Issa opportunity to celebrate any holiday in the walls "Ivushki." The anti-crisis program of the Employment Center helped Alexander Korchagin open their own coffee shop. On weekdays you can order a cheap set menu. "With customers have chefs working to order, try to fulfill the requests of people," — said General Director of "Willow" Alexander Korchagin.

His plans — to build a vegetable store, which will procure products for the whole year. Employees of employment centers to help people find work, and many — to learn new skill. So, for example in the area of anti-crisis program Issinsky able to take advantage of one thousand 264 people.

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