In Madrid, demonstrators in clashes and police arrested

45 people, 40 injured

In Madrid during the Spanish police disperse protesters arrested 45 people, according to Reuters.

In clashes with police injured 40 people, including 12 policemen.

The riots began when most of the demonstrators began to disperse to their homes. Protesters set fire to cars, trash cans, breaking shop windows and veranda cafe. Police used batons during arrests and rubber bullets.

In Spain, there were mass demonstrations against austerity measures, aimed at reducing the budget deficit, as well as against government corruption.

In Spain, the growing dissatisfaction with the policy of austerity government spending, which spends a year right-wing government. In the program of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, which associates accused of corruption, austerity measures amounting to € 150 billion over three years. With the reduction in social spending angers Spanish and European scale aid allocated to rescue banks in Spain.

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