In Mari El commissioned gas lateral and

distribution station "Yoshkar-Ola"

August 30 in the Republic of Mari El been inaugurated into service branch pipeline and gas distribution stations (GDS) "Yoshkar-Ola." With the launch of GDS finally put into operation gas lateral from the main gas pipeline Iamburg-Tula, lasting 64 km.

The pipeline has decided for strategic capital of the Republic task of ensuring uninterrupted supply of gas and social enterprises. To this day, gas Yoshkar-Ola ensured only through the pipeline "Perm-Bitter" and the only GDS, who worked at the limit of performance. Start a new branch pipeline and another modern GDS significantly increase the reliability of gas supply to consumers of Yoshkar-Ola and Mari El Republic, provide the opportunity to further gasification of the region.

In spring 2010, OAO "Gazprom" has started construction of a gas lateral. Today, it is put into operation and the gas will go to consumers.

Commissioning of the branch pipeline will allow no restrictions to lead the development of industrial infrastructure of the city until 2030 to implement new investment projects that will contribute to further social and economic development of the Republic of Mari El, and improve the reliability of gas supply of the country.

Currently, the level of gasification of natural gas in the Republic is 84.5 percent, including in rural areas — 67.5 percent. Work to improve the level of gasification proceeds.

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