In May, completed the transcontinental run on local snowmobile from Salekhard to Chukotka. The expedition was timed to the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Russian snowmobile.


On the wake of the Yenisei.

Three members of the expedition, moving almost 200 miles a day, for 39 days running overcome hardest route: about 7800 km from Salekhard to the easternmost village in Russia — Wellen in the Chukotka Autonomous District. Such an extreme way were tested three snowmobile "Taiga", released only today domestic manufacturer of snowmobiles — JSC "Russian engineer" in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region.

It is in Rybinsk was born 40 years ago under the name of the legendary snowmobile "Buran". Since then, his name became a household word: Northerners "Buran" is called today, that moves the snow — even home-made trucks. Continues the tradition of "Buran" snowmobiles new family of Russian — "Taiga", which appeared in 1999 in the same factory in Rybinsk.


After a snowstorm on the river Hatanga.

The first snowmobile, who participated in the "festive" run — "Taiga" Patrol "," team leader, traveler and designer Arkady Popov calls literally "snow tractor" — because of the wide track of 600 mm. The second snowmobile, "Taiga" Attack "," caterpillar has a width of 500 mm. Both machines are tested before and were then refined. But the main purpose was the path testing is a new snowmobile, just delivered to the conveyor, "Taiga" Varyag "" is designed for movement among the bushes and competes with foreign Yamaha Viking.


Members of the expedition with metrologists in the village of Ust-Olenyok.

The expedition lasted 68 days — from lodging and stops. Transitions with no refills were sometimes up to 1,200 km. "It’s not only in the distances between settlements — says Popov. — Sometimes, as the fuel is, but the people in the North do not need cash. " Therefore, gasoline had to carry with them on a sled in cans.


Polar station Ambarchik.

Participants evaluate the expedition as a good and calm: "Even from the medicine cabinet we got only band-aid", — says the operator and photographer of the expedition Vladimir Korol’kov. However, the Russian snowmobiles were in the toughest conditions — hard snow, sastrugi, snow hummocks shock to the suspension. Much of the path followed by the rivers and nearly 70 km — the sand, mixed with snow, which is easy to machine sank. Russian freight forwarders, just in case installed on snowmobiles redundant ignition system and faroiskateli, taken with an air heater, gazokondensator, a tent for 6 persons, a kerosene stove and, of course, a lot of parts — in fact on the way north you can not buy anything like that. Here and there were difficulties with food. "Life in the north is quite different, — says Popov. — Will you come to the store to buy sausages, and there is the fresh — "delivered in September." Dairy products do not, and that is — at least 6 months of delay. There’s no zabaluesh. " Young Driver test of "Russian Mechanics" Artem Kalinin northerners thanks for your understanding and hospitality, "Our problems are their problems, and they have helped around." One of his most vivid memories — when at one station they were met by a rich table with roast potatoes and chicken.


The way to Whalen

Were the travelers and meetings with wild animals — not always pleasant: in the Northland was a lot of rabid foxes, bears have seen a few times — and brown, and white. An abandoned "zone" found fresh wolf tracks.

The weather was lucky: "We did not find strong frosts, while on the Taimyr Peninsula were expected frosty adventure — says Korol’kov. — In April, there may be up to -40, and we got through, as in the resort. Local residents said that this April, do not remember how many lives. " There was an increased cyclonic activity, so sunny days the participants run almost did not get. Because of the almost zero visibility team leader was hard to go — no sastrugi or uneven relief in sight. In the second part of the route — "race to thaw": in Chersky (Yakutia) had to drag the sled on asphalt. Completed the expedition tee: only came to Whalen, and after a couple of days the temperature has risen above freezing.

"Russian engineer" in the past year has organized the first tests for their snowmobiles on the Rybinsk — Salekhard. Then they traveled 4,000 miles in 38 days. Another expedition, in a sense, "continued" way. "This is a great victory for the team and the huge factory of our country, for which this is not a shame" — enjoyed the expedition.

Two runs showed that the Russian equipment — reliable and comfortable. The Far North is almost 60% of the territory of Russia, and such places where the snowmobile may be almost the only means of transport, very much. "This entire area lacks infrastructure, so the people in the vast expanses of the Russian North need reliable snowmobiles," — said a member of the Russian Geographical Society and a representative of the expeditionary center "Arctic" Vladimir CHUKOV.

A new expedition too early to speak, but travelers dream to continue the route through the Strait of Wellen — to Alaska.

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