In memory of the players of Locomotive in Yaroslavl was March of Silence

Happy September 7 in Moscow railway station began to gather fans Yaroslavl hockey club "Lokomotiv" — friends, acquaintances, relatives. A huge column started many thousands of buildings Frunze administration and proceeded on Moscow Avenue, turning onto the street Institutskaya.

We all remember crying rain a year ago. He walked and eighth, and ninth, and tenth numbers. Today, about half of the third suddenly came running clouds and rain drizzling through the shining sun. And in that moment, when one march of the column moved along the avenue, in the sky there was a small rainbow.



People came with their families, were carrying flowers. Buy them in the day in the surrounding pavilions was not easy to flower stalls lined up in long lines. "Even on March 8 this has never happened," — said the saleswoman, tying flowers mourning ribbon.

The area in front of "Arena-2000" work together with all those who came to honor the memory of their favorite team. In a photo posted on the facade of the sports complex, full of people who left the area saw a year ago in the sky "Locomotive" …

Among those present at the "Arena" was attended by the head of the region Segrey Hawks and the first Governor of the Yaroslavl region, Anatoly Lisitsyn, Mayor Eugene Urlashov and former mayor Victor Volonchunas, representatives of the regional government and the mayor of Yaroslavl. Our city was visited by the famous Soviet ice hockey player, president of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak, as well as other famous athletes.

Early in the fifth minute of silence. And the whole area subsided. After the ceremony of laying flowers.



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