In Mexico, the search continues for landslide victims

September 21, 2013. On the Pacific coast of Mexico, for which a week ago hit a tropical storm, "Manuel", search continues for people whose homes were under a landslide near the village of La Pintada. To participate in the search and rescue operation involved the military.

The landslide occurred on Monday. Listed as missing 68 people, TV channel The Weather Channel. Rescuers have to dig tons of earth and mud, under which were buried dozens of homes.

Further north, in the popular resort city of Acapulco, cut off from the outside world flood rescue work is underway. Here, thousands of tourists stranded. In the city, the cases of looting. Criminals take out all of the shops — from TVs to Christmas decorations, Reuters reported. Police came to the aid of the Marines.

According to the official statement of the authorities, at least 500,000 inhabitants are deprived of tap water. Police and volunteers drive up food supplies into the city.

According to the National Hurricane Center forecast the U.S., on Thursday, "Manuel" category increased to a hurricane over the state of Sinaloa. By the evening of the same day it weakened to a low pressure area in the Sierra Madre.

Source: News Gismeteo


Hurricanes in Mexico has claimed hundreds of lives around

September 20, 2013. 97 people have died in Mexico as a result of the two hurricanes that hit the country and caused severe flooding. Tens of thousands of people evacuated, the search continues for missing persons.

Source: RT

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