In Miasse opened a new plant

18.01.11. In the city of Miass Chelyabinsk region presented the first production batch of the new company — LLC "Miassky crushed stone plant."

The idea of building the plant originated in 2007 and today is already beginning to be developed to mine granite quarry resource of 100 million tonnes. It takes a "run-in" screening equipment.

This plant currently provides 100 jobs, and to the output of the design capacity, which is expected in 2 years, the number of employees will be doubled.

"The plant’s capacity is designed for 1.5 million tons of aggregates of various factions in the year. In addition to the "classic" for the construction industry set fractions of crushed stone, will be produced and smaller, numbered 0-2 and 2-5 which will find use in road and public utilities "

By May is scheduled to be projected on the power plant, which is 1.5 million tons of aggregates per year. Will develop a new field of granite with a margin of more than 100 million tons.

The quarry and crushing and screening area with modern equipment, used new technology development, enabling grant full range of products: six kinds of gravel and rubble stone.

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