In midstream: Rostov

[Img =×16000/120113/head_0.jpg] Pause in the Russian Premier League continues, and in turn continues to analyze the results of the first third of the season. And today we will focus on one "experienced" the opener — bright representative of the South of Russia — the club "growth." [Cut] [b] Status [/ b] command from the banks of the Don has once again proved its worth, a clear advantage for winning the First Division championship. And now, this year, once again Southerners participate in the raffle of the Russian Premier League. Gone are already, in fact, a third of the championship, to the borders of which FC "Rostov" braced with a very solid and even optimistic results. Wards Oleg Dolmatova rank high, and therefore honorable eighth place, having to its credit a little bit — a lot of fairly won eighteen points. You could even say that the plan is likely in this segment exceeded the championship, because, in fact, re-nailed the team behind the first place is not so much — only some five points. "Championship" growth "started very not bad, sitting within reach of the top three" [img =×16000/120113/1246193587.jpg] The most important thing that pleases in the FC " growth "is not only the result, but also a game that in some matches just looks brilliant. And therefore no wonder the club with the great Russian river is one of the biggest surprises this season. It’s enough to closely scrutinize the results, some of which are surprising so far: 1. Tour No. 6: The victory over CSKA Moscow in the capital. Correct score 1:2 in favor of the Trust are not Zico. 2. Tour # 7: literally in the very next round, the team from the South Russian participant plays the Champions League — "Zenith", this time at home, and also — 2:1. 3. Finally, the tour Number 12: Kazan was defeated reigning champion of the country — "Ruby." 2-0 to the hosts. Play as well, "growth" with opponents of lower rank, now would be a team at all in the top three. But perhaps the fact that there is now in the bank at the "growth" can be considered a successful catch, nothing to complain about. [B] Cadres decide everything [/ b] efore current championship club with a few updated the banks of the Don, and in some cases even strengthened, and its composition. Certainly, you could leave it as it is. However, the First Division and Premier League tournaments in different categories, and therefore a little blood, then there is minimal cost, given that you’re going to gain a foothold in the higher echelons of the football here to stay, can not do. Therefore, the acquired business, and made a point — for each specific position was taken by one artist, the corresponding level of the upcoming football battles. So very quickly was closed goalkeeper position, which transited from Tomsk moved Benjamin Mandrykin, once again rented from CSKA Moscow. At this time the "growth". Kuban was discharged from the experienced Czech defender Roman Lengyel, who signed the agreement for two seasons. Also, the "Ruby" the club was bought out by contract moldovanina Gatskana Alexander, now fully owned Rostovites. The addition of the "Saturn" the team moved and has not found himself in "Loco" and "Saturn" 25-year-old Igor Lebedenco. Finally, ukluba division below — Novotroitskiy "Nosta" was bought defender Mikhail Rozhkov. "The acquisitions were not so many, and they confidently take place in the starting line-up Rostov team" All new recruits are well blended in perfectly working team on the field and spent most of the matches. Lebedenco Gatskan and even scored one ball. And the team‘s leading scorer is Dmitri Akimov, which account for three goals. All in all, the players, "growth" nine times hit the opponent. In the standings appear ten goals, but one of them was scored by player of his team and was recorded as an own goal. Difference between goals scored and goals conceded is +2 m, but could be much more serious, whether forwards "growth" a little more masterovitymi. Rostov create moments in abundance, but to realize their sometimes becomes a big problem that can be solved only intensified work on training and strengthening the nervous rhythms. Sometimes the lack of confidence in their abilities is often the cause of misses of the most profitable products. "As leaders of reach — just five points. However, the density in the table is so high that the changes may be, both for better and for worse" [b] Looking to the future [/ b] The task for the season and Oleg Dolmatov wards until the handle and very smartly. Before the team set a goal — to gain a foothold in the Premier League at the expense of a certain place of the question. But it was clear that it does not have to be the 15th or the 16th. Prior to the "abyss", "growth" far — ten points. It seems that the team is there and is not seeking to look only forward. [B] ‘s Forecast [/ b] Distance of the teams still long. "Growth" took a good pace. However, quite often, quickly running to the middle of the championship is slowing, and the finish line at barely crawls. How would this not happen with "growth." Although any serious and reasonable assumptions for this has not been observed. In the Premier League is a dysfunctional team in which frankly "crying" "Division 1". As for í, then be it in the range from 9 th to 12 th. Valid objections are accepted!

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