In Minusinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) established the production of water-jet cutters

In Minusinsk two thousand kilometers from Krasnoyarsk Sea develops its own shipbuilding. There produce water-jet cutters. Production of the new company are at odds throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The main plus Minusinsk boats — a truly fabulous cross. A convenient waterway may be even the smallest rivulet.

Vladimir Panov found a job for everyone. Apply your knowledge to the fullest and deserved reward for the engineer failed either to Minusinskom electrocomplexes, no cars at service stations. Now Vladimir pleased with everything. Each boat — like a child requires attention and care.Vladimir Panov, designer-technologist RADIOELETRONNOY EQUIPMENT: "The work is very interesting. Every day is required to train the brain. We go almost every day of use. And when the work is interesting and the money paid, such work nowadays is very hard to find. "

Four years ago, local lovers of fishing and tourism, were excited about the development of water cannons. On the home-made jet engines suddenly found a buyer. Now technology Minusinsk craftsmen comes to Moscow, Irkutsk, Karelia, Khabarovsk, in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In this ambitious plans masters did not stop. Eighteen months ago, they started to develop their own boats. The vessel, named "Borus M" went off the stocks in the summer of 2011.

Sergei Kamenev, designer, author of the idea: "In August, the first trial descent boats on the water in the presence of workers GIMS MOE. You know, so the boat turned out good that the ministry simply applauded. And the boat just run into a series. "

Working in the studio in full swing. A new idea has allowed to employ two dozen people. Most of them also avid anglers. The boat developed with an eye to their own experience. And apparently, it has paid off. "Borus’ has a maximum speed to 70 kilometers per hour and will take place where the water only ankle deep.

Design features of the hull of this boat is that even when fully loaded — and it is a ton of weight — it can go over the pond with a depth of only 10 centimeters.

Engineering idea does not stand still. Do not have time to go into production, "Bruce", as began to develop a new model of "Peregrine Falcon", designed for walking and recreation. 3Dmodel ready.

Sergei BELTIKOV, design engineer: "It will be done at European level, with a good finish, with all the amenities. And in this case it will be a new step in our company. "

Made the company one more important step. Documentation on the boats had already been sent in the "Rosstandart" to get the certificate. Once all the papers will be processed, Minusinsky court can acquire, including rescue workers. Especially boat price does not bite and is located at the cost of the average car.

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