In modern warfare without a convenient tablet anywhere

The Russian Airborne Troops have completed testing of the latest technical systems that need to transform the Russian armed forces in the army of the future. The automated control system will go to the troops in two years.

In combat conditions, the mobile communication unit is deployed in 6 hours. In order to prepare for the work of some of its elements, takes minutes. Box before our eyes into a workplace liaison officer for exactly 240 seconds. In addition to the inflatable module, automated control system Airborne includes stuffed with electronics "KAMAZ". Communication provides four channels at once. If you start interfering with the satellite signal is sent by radio frequency and microwave links. Hedging all telephony.

Required element of modern battle management system — a high-tech equipment of the personnel. For example, a helmet with a video camera. In fact, it is the third eye that sees the card, the situation on the ground and goals that must be destroyed.

Russian paratroopers, more reminiscent of the universal soldier of the future. Win a modern war without a convenient tablet becomes almost impossible. And if the holidays "blue berets" break the bricks, the forces on weekdays mostly spent on the study of software and computer systems and navigation systems. In today’s battle score is counted in minutes, and reliable means of communication start saving time immediately after landing.

Determine the location of each soldier to within a meter and build a combat vehicle crew is now obtained several times faster than before. And exactly five times as possible to save time, the commander who makes the decision.

"The main thing — is to make a card. Can you imagine how we used pencil and ruler of her to draw, and now, of course, is much faster and easier, "- said the commander of the regiment due Airborne Alexander buckwheat.

The military has already compiled a list of shortcomings of the new system of management, but generally consider it a viable and reliable. The Defense Ministry, meanwhile prepare the order for the adoption of new communication facilities on board.

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