In Mordovia has increased the number of pigs and poultry

By April 1, the number of cattle in the agricultural organizations of the republic amounted to 190.5 thousand units, including 68.4 thousand cows, and 175.2 million pigs, 1.5 million sheep. Compared to the same period last year, there is an increase in the number of pigs and poultry. Increased number of cattle farms Temnikovsky, Bolsheignatovsky, Insar and Kadoshkino areas. In January-March, compared with the corresponding period in 2012, meat production increased by 7,844 tonnes, or 32.5%. Distinguished economy Chamzinsky, Kochkurovsky, Dubno, and a number of other areas. Milk production has decreased by 2,895 tons, or 4.2%. The decline in the economy have made Kadoshkino, Chamzinsky, Kovylkinsky and other areas. Egg production decreased by 9,550 thousand, or 3.1%. For the three months litters of calves decreased by 3.4%, and pigs increased slightly — by 0.02%. During the period analyzed mortality of cattle decreased by 1.4%, pigs — by 1.0%.

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