In Mordovia is building pig-hundred-thousanders


"The project implements a" Mordovia bacon "(GC" Talina ") with the support of the Government of the Republic. The planned production capacity of the plant is 12 thousand tons of pork per year (in live weight). Total investments — 1,821 million rubles, including 1,300 million rubles for the construction and acquisition of complex equipment, "- said the manager of public relations Agroholding" Mordovia bacon "Larisa Shmyreva.

The first deputy general director of the holding Ivan Kemkin spoke about the construction of the complex, and explained that the introduction of its construction will allow almost double the production of pork. Need more feed. Therefore, in the following year, "Mordovia bacon" is planned to increase acreage and production of feed, which is produced by its own feed mill agricultural holdings, also located in the area Kovylkinsky region.

To date, the power lines are built, brought special equipment to produce electricity. Work is underway to pave the pipeline and the construction of sewage treatment plants. The contract for the supply of process equipment for the entire complex. Already imported manure system and complete equipment, providing animal feeding, ventilation plants.

Opening of a new pig farm enterprise will create 96 new jobs with an average salary of 20 thousand rubles. Tax payments to the consolidated budget of the Republic of Moldova for 10 years of the project — 375 million rubles.

   IA "MordovMedia"

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