In Mordovia opened production line for glass fiber reinforcement

November 24
In Mordovia opened manufacturing, unique to Mordovia and for Russia as a whole — production line of valves for the fiber-optic cable at the "Sarmatian".


"Sarmatian" — the only domestic production, producing various kinds of spiral reinforcement for suspension wires and cables on overhead power lines and communication lines.

Now "Sarmatians" has 7 lines. Every month they will be fitting to the extent necessary for the construction of 1,000 km of cable. In monetary terms, the production capacity will amount to 50 million rubles a month. Now preparing to release the first batch of products.

In total there will be 50 people to work, mostly — with higher education. Their average salary — 26 000 rubles. As emphasized by representatives of the Company, will now solved the problem of securing fiber optic cable on the power lines, which previously stood in front of customers. The fragility of the cable requires a special type of reinforcement that will not hurt him, and at the same time provide sufficient tension.
Exit "Sarmat" on the production capacity in the near future will enable the company to provide Mordvinian customer demand for these products across the country.

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