In Mordovia peasant farms work

robotic milkers

Temnikov’s peasant farmers "Ray" were purchased 4 sets of robotic milking equipment company DeLaval, when Ichalkovsky FSEI "Kemlyansky Agricultural College" on the farm, with a training class, created on the basis of peasant farming "AE Greening "of the last year working with two robots firms Astronaut A4 Lely, designed for 60 cows each. It is planned to purchase 2 sets of robotic equipment in Romodanovskiy area on a farm farm "ND Lazarev. "

Installation of robotic equipment allows farmers to minimize the human factor in the production of milk. In addition, the robots are programmed to analyze milk and distribution of feed, manure removal. "Smart" technology is suitable for milking, taking into account individual characteristics of each cow, which allows for greater productivity, and minimize cases of mastitis and other diseases in cattle.

The average cost of robotic milkers is 6-10 million, depending on the configuration. Peasant-farmers after the defense of their projects presented at the meeting of the Republican competition committee for the selection of individual farms to participate in the republican target program "Development of family-based livestock farms (peasant) farms of the Republic of Mordovia in 2012-2014." acquired them through grants.

KFH "Ray" won a grant in the amount of 21 million 600 thousand rubles, and now there is built robotic farm with 240 cows with a planned volume of milk production — 1400 tonnes per year. In the farm "A.E.Zeleneev" grant amount was 18 million and production capacity — 700 tons of milk per year. KFH "ND Lazarev, "won a grant in the amount of 21 million 600 thousand rubles for the construction of farm to 120.

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