In Moscow, a show of body armor and search and screening equipment (photo)


March 27, 2012 in the federal public institutions "Scientific and Production Association" Special equipment and communication " (The PKU NPO "STiS") of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation held a special demonstration of body armor and search and screening equipment, selected based on the results of monitoring of the defense-industrial complex and commercial structures.

The event was the head of the Office of Special Forces and Air Force Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Lieutenant General of Police V. Gorshukov, Head of logistics and medical support of the Russian Interior Ministry, Major General Internal Service SA Sergeyev, head of the federal treasury institution "Scientific and Production Association" Special equipment and communication "(PKU NPO" STiS "), the Russian Interior Ministry colonel of internal service AV Kvitko, leaders of the 17 departments of the central apparatus of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Over the past few years clearly visible tendency of strengthening the scientific and technological potential in the creation of weapons and equipment for law enforcement.
This is primarily the development and implementation of special non-lethal effects, tehsredstv detection and neutralization of mines and explosives and explosive devices, as well as personal protection personnel in the performance of service and combat and operational performance objectives.
Also, this may include personal body armor, inspection and search techniques, and, of course, a special technique.

PKU NPO "STiS" Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is a unique organization with a high scientific and technical potential. Each year the institution accompanies the implementation of more than 100 research and development activities, ranging from the development of new types of special (police) weapons, special equipment, special tools and ending with the creation of automated information systems, without which the information age, the country’s law enforcement is simply not possible.

The system of PKU NPO "STiS" Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is a global-scale and complex organization by functional purpose continuously operating mechanism. The mere enumeration of the tasks and functions under the authority of institutions expressed double figures.

Scientists and staff of specialized centers NIISTU being in the institution a kind of "backbone" unit with the primary burden of designing a variety of scientific and technical products, carry out research and development in cooperation with leading Russian enterprises and research organizations.

Deployed in the establishment of a permanent exhibition exposition of more than 120 articles, has demonstrated the latest advances in the field of explosion protection suits, body armor, helmets, shields, protective equipment products, tools, and systems of detection of explosives and explosive devices.

Of particular interest was the portable detector "Dvina-1". According to the developers, the device has no domestic analogues and significantly superior to foreign ones. It allows to detect with high accuracy drugs and explosives.

Unlike X-ray machines with a neutron detector can accurately determine not only the presence but also the composition of suspicious substances concealed, for example, in baggage. "Dvina-1" works on the basis of the so-called tagged neutrons. Particles which emits device interact with substances concealed inside baggage. They generate gamma-rays, the spectrum of which can determine the composition of the substance. The detector is able to detect up to 30 to 10 explosives and narcotic substances.

The development of the universal search complex "Mirage-DTV", designed to conduct search and special operations units of the power structures and law enforcement agencies, as well as examination of various remote areas, cavities through windows or doorways, vents and other suitable openings available in size envelopes. The complex consists of a set of search equipment and a universal remote control.

During the demonstration of technical resources which are on the supply of the internal affairs bodies and internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry, discussed the prospects for future development are the main special machinery and tools, assessment of their compliance with the tactical and technical characteristics of the current requirements for equipment units of the Ministry.









Press service of PKU NPO "STiS" Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

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