In Moscow, commissioned the energy-efficient business center Premium West

Company "GEMA Invest" has completed all work associated with the construction of the business center Premium West, and receive a certificate for this act of putting the building into operation.

This business center is one of the most energy efficient and innovative to date in the Russian capital. The assurances of the representatives of the "GEMA Invest", the tenants in the area it will be able to save on operating costs up to 40 percent of the funds, compared with traditional office centers.

The basis of energy conservation and energy efficiency business center Premium West was the geothermal temperature control system, which operates in conjunction with a number of other energy-saving solutions. This combination has achieved significant performance in the management of energy consumption, and of wanting to remove the square footage in the Premium West already lined up. * Elena Semenikhina, development director of "GEMA Invest":

"There are many ways to improve the energy-saving properties of buildings, including simple: the use of energy-saving light bulbs, installation of automatic lighting control systems, etc. However, the really significant savings can be achieved only if all the energy efficiency of the system laid by the design and construction, especially if the building is using alternative energy sources. For example, Premium West is almost independent of urban heating, as the heated and cooled entirely due to the geothermal system. This allows tenants to significantly reduce utility costs for heating in winter and cooling in summer. "

According to preliminary estimates of "GEMA Invest", using geothermal heating system for the annual savings will be about 750 thousand rubles. with an area of 2.6 thousand square meters. m

Konstantin Popov, head of the project department of energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions and technologies Bureau of Technics, curator at the contest Premium West Green Awards: "At this point in time a truly energy-efficient," green "facilities unit. The uniqueness of this project — in a bold performance of complex engineering systems, resulting in Premium West was able to partially abandon the monopoly networks and achieve relatively high efficiency compared with similar projects. "

Business Center Premium West will become the core of the multifunctional complex of the same name (also known as "MOZHAYKA"), a company that develops "GEMA Invest."

During the construction of Premium West used a number of advanced energy-saving materials and technologies, in particular, geothermal heating system, infrared thermal control, automatic light control and a warm, innovative glazing. For the use of these and other "green" building solutions twice received the certificate of conformity assessment system of competitive Green Awards in the category "Business centers". 

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