In Moscow have developed interactive robots consultants

Interactive robots that can move around and interact with people, creating one of the Russian companies in Moscow. Machines fitted with CCTV cameras, microphones and sensors are used as sales assistants in shops and guides in museums. On the internet they are run by people with disabilities. No special skills required for this is not only able to work with your computer.


"The man is sitting at home, he has a computer connected to the Internet via the Internet it comes to our robot is connected to it and begins to operate it. After that, we can see that the robot is looking at us, move and talk with us"- Told RIA Novosti CEO of the company for the production of robots Alexey Knyazev.

Such robots are already working consultants in six stores, guides the Polytechnical Museum and the Museum of Science entertaining. Also in the Central Military Clinical Hospital named after A. Wisniewski installed remote doctor-surgeon in the emergency cardiac surgery center. The schools number 166 and number 497 pupils with disabilities to robots may be present in the classroom.
A special pride of Russian developers — high-altitude surveillance system "Oko". This is a flying robot with a high resolution camera, which weighs less than three pounds. The device is attached to the balloons and helicopters. The system is used for search and rescue operations, investigations and traffic control.


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