In Moscow, is set to launch the world’s largest block UV wastewater treatment

On Kuryanovskoy treatment plant began commissioning the world’s largest block of disinfection of treated waste water by UV irradiation. Unique equipment on May 29 praised the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

The design capacity of a UV disinfection — 3 million cubic meters per day. The installation consists of 160 workers and 10 reserve UV modules and their total capacity exceeding 3.6 MW. 6120 is used for disinfection of UV lamps.

This technology ensures that sanitary requirements for purified wastewater prior to discharge into natural water bodies. At the same time destroyed the bacteria, viruses and parasites that are harmful to humans and animals (including cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A, and others). The treated water will be fully fit for both domestic and European sanitary standards.

UV technology is environmentally friendly and safe (as opposed to less safe technologies chlorination and ozonation of wastewater).

Block construction began in 2008, put it into operation is planned in the fall of this year. Contractor — JSC "Mosengstroy", the main equipment supplier — NGO "Laboratory pulse technology." The cost of construction — 2.5 billion rubles.

In Moscow’s sewer system are blocks UV disinfection on Zelenogradskaya and South Butovo shooting wastewater treatment plants. In 2007 was introduced the UV disinfection on Lyuberetskiy treatment plant (capacity — 1 million cubic meters per day).

Moscow’s sewer system covers 100% of the city. For wastewater treatment uses four disposal facilities: Kuryanovskoy, LYUBERETSKY, South Butovo shooting and Zelenograd total output of more than 6.3 million cubic meters of wastewater per day.

Kuryanovskoy treatment plant with a design capacity of more than 3.1 million cubic meters per day, which are the largest in Europe, provide reception and treatment of municipal and industrial waste waters north-western, western, southern, south-eastern districts of Moscow and, in addition, a number of cities and towns of the Moscow region.

"This is a very important subject. As a result of his input is 100% guaranteed disinfecting wastewater decrease the amount of harmful bacteria in a thousand times. Environment will be improved, not only in the lower reaches of the Moscow River, which runs through the city, but also in nearby towns of Moscow region ", — said Sobyanin.

Moscow Mayor thanked the builders and suppliers of equipment for the job, which allowed to introduce new technology in the city.

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