In Moscow, opened a development center chip technology IBM

The Russian company ITFY opened a development center for microelectronics hardware and software platform, IBM.

President of ITFY Leonid Svatkov"This project is really important in the context of innovative development of Russia. In a relatively short period of time we carried out extensive work front. We are very close to the implementation of our global plans in the near future we will be ready to enter the market with a complete package of proposals. In the medium term, we expect approximately 500-user customers. "

"We think that with this project we will be able in a couple of years to make the Russian microelectronics industry competitive in the world market. This Fabless-project, unique in its kind, and it can be a first step towards the emergence of the global market competitive players of Russia"- Said the head of the Directorate of Business Development at IBM Russia and CIS Michael Wirth. *

The opening of the center of the first phase of the "Center of electronic technology," which will provide chip designers instant access to specialized CAD software, IBM, Synopsys and Mentor Graphics and server resources with no direct jobs. The idea of the project to enable developers to place orders for the manufacture of its products in the factories of the standards IBM.

Servers are located in the center of IBM’s data center in Moscow. In ITFY assume that in the medium term, the center will be about 500 people. The creators expect that this infrastructure will stimulate the growth of chip designers in Russia at the expense of access to external orders.

Costs to ITFY amounted to about $ 10 million, the company reported

ITFY Russian company established in November 2011 to implement the project to create a non-profit Centre for Electronic Technology (CET) — Public-private partnerships for the development of Russian microelectronics. The main specialization — cloud technology, the design of microprocessors and providing access to routes CAD. 

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