In Moscow, opened its first helicopter port

Today, on the roof of one of the pavilions of the Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo" opened the first Russian helicopter port with a waiting room, internet access, a bar and seating area. 

Flights over Moscow recently allowed only aircraft, and that transit and at an altitude of 8100 meters. But the port clients will benefit from the air taxi around the area. And the owners of private helicopters will be able to keep their cars there. The helicopter, if necessary, experts will examine engineers.

Of course, the heavy army Mi-26 here is not to plant, but a few light and medium civil helicopter on the roof will accommodate easily. The place chosen for the site is very convenient, because the next passes Ring Road, near the yacht club "Crocus City" and the underground station "Myakinino", from here you can easily get to anywhere in Moscow.

Helipad is used fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

Another area will be in June at Sheremetyevo Airport. Its area is 9500 square meters, and it will be able to accept all types of helicopters of the middle class. And three helipads in the near future is expected to open within the Ring Road.

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