In Moscow, opened its first Innovation Center for Youth Creativity

March 5, 2013 The Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow, together with the Center for Innovative Development (CIR) in Moscow opened the first TSMIT (Center for Youth Innovation Creativity) "Creative Workshop Prototyping Center" on the site of the Moscow State Engineering University of MAMI.

The program is the establishment of centers Youth Innovation Creativity was adopted by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in 2012. TSMIT aims to provide creative young people access to modern digital equipment for rapid prototyping of products on his own project and translate new ideas.

Currently preparing to open a few more similar centers.

Deputy Head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow Dmitry Knyazev at the opening of the Center said that the cooperation with the Department of MAMI has been going on for 8 years and is a long time.

— I am very pleased — continued Dmitry Knyazev, — that today is the opening of the Center. For this event we walked for years. It is important to give the right start many processes and then they start to work productively. Here and there, — Dmitry Knyazev pointed to the equipment of worth, at some distance, is currently working prototype printer that creates 3D modeling, with which you can get at the output of the finished product. I would add that the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, supported not only by the idea of creating TSMIT, but also the creation of similar programs, but for commercially oriented centers. It is clear that in this case the scale of financing are completely different, but the demand is too severe. He also talked about supporting student initiatives to create a prototype sports car and hoped to see the car ready to race.

Then took the floor Pavel Petrov — Project Manager, General Director of "Center of prototyping and design Bauman MAMI:
— The idea of creation of the center comes from the global project fablab. The project got its recognition around the world and its branches are present in Europe, Canada, New Zealand. Taking the concept of the world fablab, a Russian attempt to attach to the creativity of young people. We intend to connect the two components of the project — commercial and non-commercial. Our target audience — entrepreneurs, inventors, and of course the students and college students. As I said, the view of our operation — commercial, but we are willing to work for free to students and school pupils — this is our wholly-owned non-profit component. To make up for it, we, as a small business, are going to contact our partner entrepreneurs to balance our costs by working with students and schoolchildren. I am very glad that TSMIT began operations.

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