In Moscow park there free bike rental

In August, several of the largest parks in Moscow at the same time launched a unique two-month campaign to provide visitors to the park on a bike completely free of charge.

According to the website FTP "VeloRossiya", organizer of the action is a non-profit organization — the Association of the organizations in the development of cycling infrastructure and Sports (Arvis), the general sponsor — "Bank of Moscow".

Free bike rental set in Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Fili, as well as in the park Northern Tushino. In the rental places with a total of 200 bikes — road and mountain men and women, and adolescent (for children older than 8 years).

Bicycles are given for 1.5 hours a day under a provision in the amount of 2,000 rubles, in the presence of a Russian passport or driver’s license.



Gorky Park rental organized by Vorobevsky waterfront near the levee, in Neskuchny garden — close to the ground Reebok XFit. In Sokolniki car running in the alley entrance (on the right) and the Sand alley next to the amusement park. The park Fili hire installed near the main entrance to the park from the street Barclay, Northern Tushino in the park — in the amusement park at the main entrance (on the side of the street Freedom).

Also, for the convenience of users in the parks set 6 free veloparkovok 30 bikes each.



Rentals run from 11 to 21 a week. Among the visitors are played weekly bicycles, stick, t-shirts and other prizes.

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