In Moscow, there will be smart traffic lights

August 2011 at the crossroads of the capital will be more than 60 traffic lights with adaptive control. This RIA Novosti reported with reference to the center of traffic Moscow government (TSODD).

According to the spokesman TSODD Svetlana Novikov, at intersections will be installed radar detectors, which will be able to collect traffic information and transmit it to the controllers of traffic lights. Traffic lights with adaptive management, analyzing the received data on the workload of the road, he will be able to select the optimal mode.

As an experiment, a traffic light has been installed in the Shchukin. According to experts, during its use in the transport situation has improved by 20 percent.

Traffic lights with adaptive control will be installed as part of the decision of the Moscow government on creating an intelligent transport system (ITS). In addition to the "smart" traffic signals, ITS will include electronic signs informing about traffic conditions in real time and offer ways to avoid traffic jams. It is also planned to create a single control center to manage public transport, where the information will come from the navigation GLONASS / GPS, installed at the municipal transport. Based on the analysis of the collected data, the center will be able to adjust itself to the current work of the ITS congestion.

In 2011, the implementation of the first phase of the ETS is planned to spend 6,257 billion rubles. According to unofficial data, the system is completely cost of the capital budget of ten billion rubles.

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