In Mozhajsk Refurbished hospital opened in Krasnoyarsk — Center for treatment of snoring

July 9, two years after the closing to overhaul its doors flung open the updated obstetric physiology department Mozhaiskaya CRH.

Ward is designed for 50 patients around the clock stay. Each year, the treatment here will be able to pass from 110 to 1,250 pregnant women and mothers. Rodd will take more than 700 births per year. Moreover, the hospital will also be able to come pregnant woman from the neighboring districts.

Chief physician Mozhaiskaya CRH SP Vanev also congratulated his colleagues and residents with this important and long-awaited event. He noted that the repairs in the maternity ward was almost 25 years, and now the building transformed both internally and externally. In the hospital has been replaced by a ventilation system made installation of heating systems, old windows changed to plastic, spent redecorating rooms and chambers. Also purchased the unique equipment: ventilator for newborns, portable ultrasound scanner, two open resuscitation systems and other devices.

In Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, opened its first center in treatment of snoring and sleep disturbances.
In the center is a laboratory where is diagnosed snoring and pauses in breathing during sleep, also provides diagnostics ENT organs, long-term record of breathing during sleep. If necessary, carry out the operations center — the correction of intranasal structures or plastic soft palate and uvula.


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