In Murmansk fishing port opened refrigeration complex

Refrigerator total cubic capacity of 20,000 square meters. meters, loading capacity of 14 tons, corresponding to the European standards.

General Director Mikhail fish factory Tooth noted that construction of the facility was not taken lightly. It was necessary to attract significant funds in the amount of 70 million rubles, a lot of partners.

Sergei Skomorokhov said that the Murmansk region opened a new facility in Murmansk — the fishing capital — a welcome development.

"We are pleased that the head of the Murmansk fish processing plant, going through all the difficulties, and was not afraid to put in the construction of complex refrigeration facilities, — said Sergei Ivanovich. — Fishermen sometimes complained about the lack of cold storage facilities, especially during the fishing season moyvennoy. Sometimes the ships were under unloading at the port, waiting for space in the refrigerator. Today this problem, I think, is solved. "

Michael Tooth: "We Icelandic company" Marel "worked for the construction of a fish processing plant in Arkhangelsk, because that’s where the infrastructure is poorly developed coastal processing and fish products must go — high quality. Its cost — 10.5 million euros, and these costs, we estimate that will pay off for 3 years. In parallel, and intends to develop its production. In the port of Arkhangelsk — freezing, so the 8 months of the year the fleet could be in Murmansk and take fish here. "

Under these plans in place one of the "gutted" fish factory shops today Volga construction firm builds a refrigerator with a capacity of 14,000 tons. Promises to open it to the fisherman’s Day — July 14. But it is unlikely to succeed, then the author suggested an interview, who visited with Michael Tooth on a construction site, work on which is still missing.

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