In Naberezhnye Chelny opened a new plant for the production of metal products and Avtonormal


November 28.
Naberezhnye Chelny has once again confirmed the status of the "Russian Detroit". A few days ago, the city opened a new plant for the production of Avtonormal and hardware as part of "Technotron." The company’s management is confident production that comes from the production line of modern lines, is not inferior counterparts European manufacturers.
A distinctive feature of the new line of hardware — heavy-duty bolts and nuts of various diameters — is almost fully automated. Persons in this scheme usually controls only the final result.

The company "Technotron" — the only manufacturer in the RF electromagnetic clutch and backlash-free trailer hitch for KAMAZ vehicles. Suffice it to say that the cooling fans that are mounted on the largest dump truck in the CIS — BelAZ, made in Naberezhnye Chelny and wear brand "Technotron."

The opening of the new plant in Naberezhnye Chelny event for the entire automotive industry in Russia. It is not surprising that the experts "KAMAZ", "gas", "URALAZ" and other major representatives of domestic engineering, metalotreyderov decided to personally evaluate the new features of its long-time partner — "Technotron."

Yuri Klotchkov, first deputy. gene. Director, Executive Director of JSC "KAMAZ": "What is different about this company? The fact that it is always mobile, always makes deliveries of key parts, components, increasing the program from year to year, from month to month. "

Nail Habibullin, Thermistor: "This is a high productivity, high volume production, we do 1,000 kg per hour. The entire system is controlled by the monitor electronics. I like Thermistor must produce high-quality products to the consumer has been satisfied. "

In addition to nuts and bolts "Technotron" can also boast of a dozen other high-tech products. For example, plastic parts and exterior and interior of KAMAZ vehicles, parts of the air cooling and cleaning the air of KAMAZ, URAL.

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